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Tara Gentile is a customer-obsessed business strategist who works with a global clientele on making a bigger impact with their businesses for less heartache. She’s the creator of Kick Start Labs, a microbusiness community and resource library where over 200 members support each other in navigating the New Economy.

She’s also the founder of CoCommercial in Astoria, Oregon–a coworking and education space for independent works and thinkers. Her work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, DailyWorth, Design Sponge, creativeLIVE, SXSW, Etsy, and the New York Times bestselling book, $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau.

Tara brings a brainy, experimental, and curious perspective to business-building for coaches, designers, doctors, makers, writers, and others looking to make their art–broadly defined–into a healthy, sustainable business. She plays at the intersection of Silicon Valley and Main Street.

Tara’s love of business and her obsession with customers grow out of a background in religious studies. She’s inspired by a drive to understand how other people see and interact with the world around them.

She writes, speaks, and consults on the New Economy–the emerging shift from consumer culture to creator culture.

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“Tara is clarity in action and you want that clarity. She has her smart mind trained on the on-line business world, learning, staying current with it, and then taking all that knowledge and helping you apply it to your business. I read all her stuff immediately, buy her products, and trust her insights and ideas. Tara is one of the few online businesses sources I trust.”

Jennifer Louden, best-selling author and creator of Savor & Serve

“Tara Gentile motivates her listeners, readers, audiences with insight, honesty, enthusiasm and innovation. All delivered in a tone that is nervy and charming. There is no doubt our community needs her as the voice of creative small business reason.”

Danielle Maveal, Etsy, Seller Education Coordinator

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