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My goal is to help you maximize your impact while minimizing the effort required. Together, we can build the New Economy.

Yes, You Can Afford It: Quantifying the Value of a Good Hire

I moved last week. The change was way overdue. I wasn’t very happy with my home and that meant spending

This Is Why You Run the Risk of Always Thinking Small

Three years ago, I found myself in a peculiar position. I had just reached the biggest goal I had ever

5 Ways Impostor Complex Hurt My Business (And Probably Yours, Too)

It still happens to me. I get a new email. It’s from someone “important.” Maybe it’s the client I’ve been

Don’t Ignore This Key Asset: Catherine Just Case Study

Do you have a great plan? Something that really should be working… but it’s just not? There’s a good chance

From Controlled Chaos to Meaningful Management: Concept5 Case Study

When I first met Gina Kearney & Rob Kenney, they were two masters of their craft–digital marketing strategy for manufacturing

How to Beta Test Your Online Offering Offline: Art of Going Gray Case Study

I’m finding more and more clients open to starting their online business offline. Yes, the freedom that comes with building

What Your Customers Don’t Know Might Hurt You

Ever get that feeling that your marketing message isn’t pressing the right buttons for your customers? Ever notice that sometimes

You Can Choose Less Stress

In a recent post, I remarked that everything in business is a choice. From how you price your offerings to

Why You Haven’t Reached Your Revenue Goals Yet (and Still Feel Burnt Out)

Imagine this common scenario: Stella is a new business owner. She’s got impeccable skills, a passion for her work, and

You Always Have a Choice

One of the major breakthroughs I had in my business very early on was realizing that my earning potential wasn’t