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My goal is to help you maximize your impact while minimizing the effort required. Together, we can build the New Economy.

The Quiet Power of the Living Room Strategy

“So, what I’m hearing you say is that I don’t need a big list to make money.” One of my

My Greatest Joy From the “Old Days” Could Be The Ticket to Selling Your Next Big Thing

Lately, I’ve found myself using a phrase I haven’t used in years: hand selling. Back in my days at America’s

You Can Do Better Than “It’s new!”

Last week’s post on why more offers don’t equal more revenue inspired some great conversation on Facebook. My friend Amanda

Why More Offers Don’t Equal More Revenue

Need to make more money? Generate some revenue? It’s as easy as creating a new offer, right? Not so fast.

4 Mistakes You Make While Marketing, Launching, and Selling Your New Product

This is a time of year when many business owners are thinking about what’s next in their businesses. And for

5 Questions You Must Answer for Success: A New Strategy for the New Economy

You can know all the latest and great tactics in your industry. You can have your finger on the pulse

You Can’t Sell What Your Customers Don’t Care About

You’re passionate about what you do, you love your product, and you know your offer is capable of making many

How to Avoid Saying “No” — and Get More of the “Yes” You Want

Don’t get me wrong, saying “no” is an important skill. But that doesn’t mean that it’s ever fun. Often, when

5 Ways to Generate Revenue Now Without Having a Sale

There are lots of reasons you might need to generate revenue right now. You’re moving, you’re having a baby, you’re

Yes, You Can Afford It: Quantifying the Value of a Good Hire

I moved last week. The change was way overdue. I wasn’t very happy with my home and that meant spending