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Our Successes All Look Different: How to Recognize Yours

The other day, I was scrolling through a friend’s wall on Facebook looking for a post. I noticed that, in

Business Not So Hot This Year? Here’s How to Plan for Next Year With Peace

How are you feeling about your business as the year starts to come to a close? Maybe you’re right where

What Taylor Swift Has to Do With Your Business

Did you hear Taylor Swift pulled all her music from Spotify? (Bet you never thought I’d start a post with

What Would You Create If Time Was No Object?

No doubt, you’ve been asked, “What would you do if money was no object?” I don’t love that question for

What I Needed to Conquer to Conquer Our Biggest Launch Yet

Well, we did it. We’re on the happy side of our biggest launch yet. While I’m happy to give you

Know Where You’re Headed

One of the Quiet Power Strategies that I shared on CreativeLive a few weeks ago was: Know where you’re headed.

Discerning the Path Forward When You’re Just Starting Out: How Megan Roop Landed Big Opportunities Fast

Decision-making is making a choice between 2 or more alternatives, right? In business, it can often seem like your choices

Results Make You Radiate: How Melissa McCreery Created a More Attractive & Compelling Business in Just 16 Weeks

“When it rains, it pours.” — Liz Lemon There’s an episode of 30 Rock–my go-to television show–where Liz Lemon attracts