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Making money should be beautiful. This category contains posts on pricing, value, and feeling good about being paid fairly for your products & services.

5 Ways to Generate Revenue Now Without Having a Sale

There are lots of reasons you might need to generate revenue right now. You’re moving, you’re having a baby, you’re

Stop Trying to Charge What You’re Worth

I’ve long been a proponent of charging more, earning more, and feeling good about it. I’ve asked countless entrepreneurs to

Sell the End Result, Not the Service (or Product, or Program)

People aren’t looking for your service (or your product, or your program). They’re looking for results. Your customers want to

Playing a Different Kind of Money Game

I get asked to write about money a lot. I’ve written plenty of posts, guest posts, and a whole ebook.

Define your bottom line.

My bottom line is impact. I believe impact can and should be profitable. I believe profit is abundance. It’s the

The Danger of Affordable: How to Reframe This Negative Script

While some businesses focus on catering to the luxury market, most businesses are looking to serve a broader market of

Oh, the Things You Can Do With Your Customer’s Point of View

I’m in the middle of a series of posts on leveraging your customer’s perspective (and your business’ unique strengths) to

How to Find Needs & Desires That Scale – or – What Gift Giving Has to Do With Your Goals

So you’re ready to create a new product or design a new collection. Further, you’re ready to take this baby