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The Quiet Power of the Living Room Strategy

“So, what I’m hearing you say is that I don’t need a big list to make money.” One of my

This Is Why You Run the Risk of Always Thinking Small

Three years ago, I found myself in a peculiar position. I had just reached the biggest goal I had ever

You Always Have a Choice

One of the major breakthroughs I had in my business very early on was realizing that my earning potential wasn’t

Get Bigger Results by Thinking Smaller

It’s not often I ask you to think smaller. Today is one of those days. You have read everywhere, and

Online dating, business, sincerity, and strategy

Warning: What follows is a lede you probably never expected to see in a business publication… In the last 4

Why “Only You Can Do What You Do” is Limiting Your Business

“Only you can do what you do” is a pop culture principle of the microbusiness movement. But it only tells

Hustling is Not the Answer to the Question of Growth

Business not as hot as you’d like? Repeat this simple mantra, “hustle.” That seems to be the answer you’re most

“Shop small” is so last year. This year, celebrate big opportunities.

It seems cliche but small – even micro – businesses are the backbone of our [global] economy. In the United

Tired of dreaming small?

On Friday, friend and client of 2.5 years, Rebecca Bass-Ching said to me, “I’m tired of dreaming small.” Now, Rebecca

Big Questions: What are you most afraid of? On faith, trust, and taking the big gamble

Today, enjoy a small break from strategy & economics. I’m writing in Tiffany Moore‘s Big Questions series. These are the