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You Can Choose Less Stress

In a recent post, I remarked that everything in business is a choice. From how you price your offerings to

Wait! Before You Start Your Next Big Project…

What follows might be the most apolitical thing ever written about American health insurance reform. What follows might also save

This is the Motivation That Helps Your Business Succeed

“I make better kimchi than your Korean grandmother.” That was what his online dating profile said. I was intrigued. Not

What Does Your Product Mean to Your Customers?

Your product isn’t just about filling a need but creating a new source of meaning in your customers’ lives. Beyond

Are you losing profit to “soft costs?”

Part of understanding the way your business works is understanding the costs associated with the way it generates revenue. For

Are you confusing “buy now” and “buy in?” Probably.

One of the chief mistakes I see vision-driven entrepreneurs (that’s you, right?) making as they try to build businesses, market

Online dating, business, sincerity, and strategy

Warning: What follows is a lede you probably never expected to see in a business publication… In the last 4