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What You Need to Know Before You Read Anything Else on “Marketing”

Everyone wants more marketing (read: promotional) ideas. As a blogger and strategist, it would be far easier for me to

The Myth of Solo Entrepreneurship: A New Relationship with “The Hustle”

This is a topic that’s been on my mind for months. It’s time to call bull crap on solo entrepreneurship.

Define your bottom line.

My bottom line is impact. I believe impact can and should be profitable. I believe profit is abundance. It’s the

You Economy Case Study: Deirdre Walsh

Here’s another case study from a 10ThousandFeet participant. Deirdre Walsh discovered how to organize her long-term vision into actionable steps

Frank Conversation with Brigitte Lyons (Normally There’s Wine Involved)

Last week, I sat down with my friend, colleague, and partner Brigitte Lyons. Brigitte is a PR & media strategist

The Fundamental Beauty of Capitalism–or, Finding Your Ease in Business

How many times do I need to read about the ills of capitalism? The ickiness of marketing? The yuck factor

You Economy Case Study: Beautiful You by Julie Parker

This week, I’m sharing case studies from participants in 10ThousandFeet. They’ll be highlighting small changes they made that resulted in

The Promise of the You Economy: It’s Not About You

There’s a bit of a misunderstanding about the promise of the You Economy. It’s not all about you: your self-worth,

The You Economy is Self-Determined — are you?

Despite the lasting effects of the recession, despite crippling college loan debt, despite the stubborn unemployment rate, there has never–ever–been

Why “Only You Can Do What You Do” is Limiting Your Business

“Only you can do what you do” is a pop culture principle of the microbusiness movement. But it only tells