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How to make your website your best employee.

Imagine you’re a manager. You’ve got two employees, both exceed the qualifications for the job. On paper, they’re both good

Which story are you telling?

There are two stories to tell when communicating about your business. Neither are wrong, neither are right. The story you

Anyone can write about personal development…

Anyone can write about personal developmentā€¦ anyone can read a few self-help books, change a few habits, and tell you

The People Business – or – Why social media starts OFFLINE

My first website was a “local” arts & crafts blog. What I did not consider when starting my online business

The Great Engine of the You-Centered Economy: Media

Media is the great engine of the You-Centered Economy. Why? We are all producers, writers, broadcasters, and personalities. Access to

beyond social media: I’ve seen the future and it’s name is Google+

“How are you going to use Google+?” That’s the question on early adopters’ lips. We have been programmed to look

words without end – or – on the obfuscation of our digital language

There is a trend on the net today with which I’m rapidly approaching my boiling point. Everywhere I go: words.

how I hustled my way to fame & fortune with Twitter lists

This has been a great month. Not only has it been my best sales month to date but I have