Inventing a New Game: Interview with Philip Auerswald

Today’s Stories from the You Economy interview is with Philip Auerswald, author of The Coming Prosperity: How Entrepreneurs are Transforming the Global Economy.

I downloaded & started reading The Coming Prosperity the day it was released. In it, Auerswald investigates the way the old economic system is crumbling and how a number of factors – not the least of which is interconnectedness – are allowing people to rebuild a new system in its place. In this system, people who have never had access to commerce are making change and transforming global institutions.

In our interview, Auerswald uses an engaging metaphor: a chess game. In the old system, “there’s a set of structured opportunities & a clear hierarchy,” just as a chess game has a clear cut set of rules and roles.

People who are off the chess board and are spending all their time trying to get back on are going to feel frustration.

But what is happening now, economically speaking, is that the real game is happening off the chess board: What happens when you start playing with all the spare pieces? Make up your own rules?

What game will you invent with the chess pieces scattered around you?

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That’s a big challenge to the status quo, of course. And it’s a necessary part of the push & pull of an evolving society.

Want more? Thought so.

Listen below or click here to download this 20-minute interview. (right click then “save as”)

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Find Philip Auerswald on his site or on Twitter. Grab The Coming Prosperity here.

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14 comments on “Inventing a New Game: Interview with Philip Auerswald

  1. JoAnn Donahue says:

    Do you know what I really find exciting about you and your work?
    Your intuitive nature and those you find to interview.
    So far, each I have taken the time to listen I’m blown away with the value each has placed on the human race and the possibilities before us!
    Thank you for your courage and your desire to be part of the change you want to see!

    Jo Ann

  2. Linda Ford says:

    What a great interview! Unfortunately, there are a lot of folk (like my brother), who can’t even begin to step into the mindset of working for himself. He’s been indoctrinated to think that he HAS to work for someone else. It’s not an easy shift for some people to realize that they can play with the pieces around them–radical concept. Begs the question: how do we change that mindset? As always Tara, thank you for an intelligent and thought provoking conversation.

    • tara gentile says:

      Linda, I think it is possible to change the mindset — a bit. I think the first thing people need is a healthy sense of self-determination. When YOU can decide what project gets worked on next or when YOU figure out how to solve a problem for your team, it goes a long way towards thinking outside the industrial box.

      On the other hand, I don’t think the solution is for everyone to work for themselves. We will always need companies to one extent or another. But individuals working in those companies need to be driven, motivated, and creative — always pushing themselves & their teams to the next level.

  3. Thank you Tara, awesome interview. And such a relief to hear a positive projection into the world’s future! Intuitively it makes total sense to me. I heard a Ted Talk recently about 3D printing and how in the future that will be made available on a large scale in private homes. It probably means that manufacturing as we know it will change . It makes sense that smaller business will find opportunity to thrive since they will have manufacturing in their own premises. Anyway, I am just playing with thoughts here, but overall I do believe the world will change in ways that will bring new sets of opportunity and new prosperity.
    Thank you again, your work is amazing.

  4. Joe Breunig says:

    It’s so true, regarding the need to change mindsets, in how we view ourselves with respect to the ‘new economy’. It’s definitely challenging to adjust one’s thinking, when we’ve been trained to behave as ‘corporate resources’ to survive in the business world, while being treated as ‘slave minded children’ by a religious world that can barely thrive. With the technologies available to everyday folk, we can truly create our own ‘game’. Using a biblical principle found in Romans 12:2 (from a radical source unto itself), we need to ‘renew our thinking and thereby transform our lives’ – something that I did for myself.

    Like many other people, I self-published a book (from recognizing that we live in the “Age of Information”). To some individuals, their immediate response is ‘so what’ while others readily admit an inability to accomplish the same feat. Both groups readily demonstrate why it’s important to adjust one’s viewpoint. When I got published, I purchased a small amount of marketing materials and was floored by an innocuous 3-word phrase that was unexpectedly printed on everything:

    Now Available Worldwide

    Later this year, my second book is scheduled for release. The manuscript for this title was the results of my marketing efforts for the first book. Early on, I recognized that if I freely published the entire contents online, then people’s motivation to purchase my book would naturally decrease. So I developed new content to share my poetic gift and demonstrate that there’s value in what I can write. Upon acknowledging that my newest title will become reality, I was inspired to pen a new manuscript in about three months and have completed nearly twenty-five percent of a fourth one.

    Sooo. I’m excited at my prospects for the future, despite the difficulties of today. Fortunately, I’m not working completely “without a net”, for I have a foundation of faith to sustain me.

    -Joe Breunig
    Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory
    A Journey Of… Poetic Purpose

    P.S. Thanks for your copy of “The Syllabus” – I’m looking forward to devouring it.