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Why More Offers Don’t Equal More Revenue

Need to make more money? Generate some revenue? It’s as easy as creating a new offer, right? Not so fast.

Why You Haven’t Reached Your Revenue Goals Yet (and Still Feel Burnt Out)

Imagine this common scenario: Stella is a new business owner. She’s got impeccable skills, a passion for her work, and

Leverage Your Weaknesses

I have often been teased for being brainy and intellectualizing personal problems. I tend to think more than feel. I

Sell the End Result, Not the Service (or Product, or Program)

People aren’t looking for your service (or your product, or your program). They’re looking for results. Your customers want to

Are you losing profit to “soft costs?”

Part of understanding the way your business works is understanding the costs associated with the way it generates revenue. For

What You Need to Know Before You Read Anything Else on “Marketing”

Everyone wants more marketing (read: promotional) ideas. As a blogger and strategist, it would be far easier for me to

The Danger of Affordable: How to Reframe This Negative Script

While some businesses focus on catering to the luxury market, most businesses are looking to serve a broader market of

Oh, the Things You Can Do With Your Customer’s Point of View

I’m in the middle of a series of posts on leveraging your customer’s perspective (and your business’ unique strengths) to

Evolving Your Model is the Key to Evolving Your Revenue

The number one reason your business isn’t generating the revenue it could be is that your business model is not

Get Bigger Results by Thinking Smaller

It’s not often I ask you to think smaller. Today is one of those days. You have read everywhere, and