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You Can’t Sell What Your Customers Don’t Care About

You’re passionate about what you do, you love your product, and you know your offer is capable of making many

Don’t Be a Slave to the Stories

“Most of us are slaves of the stories we unconsciously tell ourselves about our lives. Freedom begins the moment we

You Economy Case Study: Beautiful You by Julie Parker

This week, I’m sharing case studies from participants in 10ThousandFeet. They’ll be highlighting small changes they made that resulted in

Flip the “sales funnel” on its head.

At some point in starting your business, you were instructed to consider what your “target market” is. You might have

What’s on your customer’s to do list today?

I’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s on your to do list today. I know you’re processing email, writing

There’s a Little Stucker In All of Us

“There are the people who stay stuck and the people that leap.” Deirdre Walsh, one of the brilliant business owners

Get Bigger Results by Thinking Smaller

It’s not often I ask you to think smaller. Today is one of those days. You have read everywhere, and

Who Powers Your Business? The Answer Might Surprise You

Who powers your business? It’s easy to imagine that it’s powered by you: your passion, your ambition, your expertise. But

Knowing your customer goes beyond “now”

Last week, I did an Insight Intensive with Nancy Sherr–a gorgeous and dynamic coach guiding women through transitions and towards

Your customers co-own your success. Who do you want to be in business with?

When community invests in an idea, it also co-owns its success. – Nilofer Merchant, 11 Rules for Creating Value in