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How to Find Needs & Desires That Scale – or – What Gift Giving Has to Do With Your Goals

So you’re ready to create a new product or design a new collection. Further, you’re ready to take this baby

Can your business bring love to scale?

Often, clients come to me because they’re ready to go beyond serving one customer at a time. They’re ready to

Evolving Your Model is the Key to Evolving Your Revenue

The number one reason your business isn’t generating the revenue it could be is that your business model is not

Why “Only You Can Do What You Do” is Limiting Your Business

“Only you can do what you do” is a pop culture principle of the microbusiness movement. But it only tells

The Illusion of Personality Branding and the Danger of Personality Business

It’s a personality brand, not a personality business. Running a business that incorporates some level of personality branding is like