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The Danger of Affordable: How to Reframe This Negative Script

While some businesses focus on catering to the luxury market, most businesses are looking to serve a broader market of

Shame & the Money Script That is Standing in Your Way

When you wonder about pricing your offerings, what’s the script that runs in your head? My bet is it’s something

Are you pricing for results? Your customer’s, that is…

I love pricing for value. In other words, the value I provide you is so much greater than the value

Wanna run with the big dogs? You may be closer than you think.

Earlier this week, I wrote about pricing. Specifically, that most business owners are selling themselves short when they price their

88.2% of Business Owners Should Double Their Prices

Yep, that headline is not at all based on scientific analysis. But it is based on the day I spent

if it works for William Shatner… or – why I chose “name your own price”

If it works for William Shatner, surely, it will for me. Right? About halfway through the development phase of my

The Toilet Paper Principle

Your business is like a roll of toilet paper. No, seriously, please hear me out. Cheap toilet paper is, well,