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Go Back to the Start: How Chipotle is Redefining the Fast Food Market — and what you can learn!

When you think fast food, you think McDonald’s, Burger King, and, maybe, Wendy’s. If you want to get “ethnic,” you

Early Adopters: yep, you’ve got ‘em. Now put them to use!

Social media has transformed our world into one great big small town, dominated, as all vibrant towns used to be,

beyond social media: I’ve seen the future and it’s name is Google+

“How are you going to use Google+?” That’s the question on early adopters’ lips. We have been programmed to look

Turn Your Intro Out, on what it means to be an introverted business owner in the digital age

In any discussion of social media, blogging, networking, or any means of connecting one person to another, there is an

WordPress Quick Tips: About Me Blurb

If social media has changed anything, it’s made us all think more about how our businesses and ourselves are one

how are you creating context for your business?

The next wave – Web 3.0 – will organize itself around two different elements: context and the user. By “context,”

500 million users & chris brogan can’t be wrong

Well, last week Facebook raced past 500 million users. And this week Chris Brogan announced that families run on Facebook.